Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Living in a new place is weird. Weirdest of all is finally unpacking all of those boxes, some of which have been packed since 1998, or before.

After the blast from the past (see above entry,) and with all of the introspection caused by singing with Greg's last big concert, I've been thinking a lot about those old Choral days. (well, I've been thinking about many days, both pre and post Choral... but those Choral days were some of my best so far.) I even brought out my best 'embarassing choral story' at dinner tonight; you know, the one where you fall asleep at a concert? One that you are singing in? When you are sitting behind the soloist who is performing? And it's being videotaped? What, that never happened to *you*? Oh. Me neither.

So tonight, when I found a videotape named "The Melodious Magic of Mozart" in one of the unpacked boxes, and even though it's probably been at least 5 years since I have watched an actual video tape, I decided to go ahead and put it in. (after assembling the whole VCR thing - did you know those things can hook up with cables?

Quick opinions:
Wow, we were *really* good for a college choir. I mean it. REALLY good. I have now done the Mozart Requiem at least 4 more times, and this choir was as good or better(!) than any other choir I've sung it with.

Also: (and this was unexpected) I saw SO MANY people who meant SO MUCH to me back then. It was probably filmed at our Winter concert in 1994, right before Spring Break. so: 11 years ago. And right from the top of my head, without having made a list, I remember seeing:

Blast from the past herself, Suzi Hill - standing right behind me.
Heather Hoenes (long blond Heather)
Cammie & Eric - must have graduated by then, but always greg's favorites
Sharon (lefty)
Heather (righty)
Edward (He and heather named son after me. Yay, them!)
Trisha Hinman - EverBabe's first roommate. And the reason I'm a civil Engineer.
Jodi Simpson (sigh) those sally jesse glasses were awful... (but hey, i was wearing them too!)
Lenny Ortiz - think he and beth live in Iowa. Or a Dakota. Or something.
Beth Cunningham - left her in the car once. EverBabe remembers...
Dylan Oxford (emotes MORE than me - if that's Possible)
MURPHY - hasn't aged a frickin day in 20 years.
Grant - speaking of baby faces - one of the first people to tell me I was gay.
June (if memory serves, she had actually come back from Cary, NC for this concert)
Chris Riggins - looks like a baby, but I guess we all did.)
Beth O - we all know what happened with this one.
Ben - still friends with A. to this day.
Brianna B - Very pretty in an elegant way.
Bobbilyn Todd- LOVED saying her name. BOBBI-lynBOBBOBBOBBOBBOBBiLYNtodd
Sarah Chapman - had a crush on her in the day.{Edtor: didn't you have crushes on 95% of the girls on this list, Sean? And 25% of the guys?} [SK- shh! that's a secret.. don't scare the straights]
Bryce (i've got a funny story about him i can tell you later.)
Ryan Fuller (saw him last year - bastard looks the same, or better. (grin))
Bill Hayden (with the beard)
Mike Mayer - his hair looks technicolor red in the video
Katie W- last I heard, she was a forensic engineer
Wee Lee Green - didn't call her that in the day, altho I am not sure why.
Kathy Nash, bopping along to the Queen of the Night Aria

And of course, Greg and Sue.

Wow. I mean it. It makes me want to have a reunion party. Maybe I should get a house, and throw something together. Oh, wait. Hmm. Maybe I'll do something the week of the farewell to Greg thing. Maybe.

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