Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Couple of silly YouTube videos

So - I waited until after the run of the play (AWESOME, by the by) to get sick. I hope that I am on the 'makes you stronger' side of my traditional 'what doesn't kill you' equation. Yesterday, was trying to figure out my temp (i felt a little warm, so thought "hey, i have a digital thermometer... let's test it out. Sorta like EverBabe and her blood sugar monitor.) But then ran into a bunch of problems, from the simple (can't find it) to the frustrating (REALLY can't find the %^$^ thing) to the impossible (HOW THE F DID I TURN IT OVER TO CELSIUS CRAP WAIT WHAT'S 37 TIMES 9 DIVIDED BY 5 63 THAT ISN'T VERY HIGH AM I DEAD OH YEAH ADD 32) to determine that my temperature was 98.6. Wow, I must be dying. {grin} (no that's like a fever for ME, as i'm normally in the low But did feel vindicated today, now that it has ended up at 100.0 (F) (37.8, for those of you on the far side of the pond.) (simes - pretty much it's you there.)

Dennis Leary, in one of the most romantic songs. Ever. Not really. Some strong language, in his standard style. Don't watch it, if you can't handle strong language.

And LN's favorite commercial. "Maybe I *do* want to be a french fry." Don't know what that tells you about her, that she would enjoy it, or me, that I would tell you that she enjoys it. But there is much I don't know right now - 100 degree fever, remember? Also - I could be wrong - it could just be her favorite right NOW. Right?

PS - crap my temp fell to 97 during the writing of this post. stupid chilled drinks.
PPS - why is that bad? lower = better, right? must be a martyr.

Friday, March 09, 2007

From backstage at Assassin's

So: it's taken me this long to get me chatting here, from a place full of computers, and a long time backstage to come up with interesting things to say. I'm not sure why I waited for the second-to-last performance, but I did. Which is good - gives me a chance to talk about some of the great stories that have happened onstage (and off:)

Of course, I've been a big ole' lech with all of the nubile young women. Well... not exactly. I mean, I am thrown by the fact that most weren't yet born when I started high school (it's seriously Star Wars girl all over again, but this time 10 years worse.)

Al "Guiteau" - He's got some of the most googly eyes I have ever seen (at least, since I last looked in the mirror.) ((or at a picture of Brian.)) (((SNAP!))) As a point of pride, he won't close his eyes during the scene in which he is praying (makes him look crazier... which he loves. But last Saturday, during the Friends of DramaTech full house, (with many alums who had been in the show previously attending,) his contacts popped right out. Pop. And Mom, KayRayGee, and Ellen all noticed (with others in the house.) Mom's comment - "i didn't remember him CRYING last night."

Theron D. at that same show - /slowly backing away 'I didn't realize you had so much anger pent up. '

Jimmy Rose - When did he get twin boys who are taller than I am? How? ???

David Cater - You did a great job!
Me - Where's my glass head???
David - {looking abashed} Oh my god, is that YOURS??
Me - it was just a LOAN. (sure, 10 years ago, but nonetheless....)
(he's supposebly gonna go look for it... i will believe it when I see it.)

Same show - as we were supposed to be pushing Oswald into shooting his president, we reached the peak of the music, the part usually followed by the biggest BANG of the show. This night -
"..change the world!"
What you are not seeing is the sound of the sweat going down my forehead as it may not happen... and poor Oswald.... having to hold that in.

Followup to last week's post -

Tonight, DAD and LIBBY will be on my home computer and going through my pr0n for 4 hours while I am at the show. Hooray. {grin}

I must be the luckiest guy in the world - 34, and my parents are still finding my dirty magazines. {psigh} Oh well - at least they can't do anything with my allowance.

...i *hope*

Sean & Ellen

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(sitting in a tree)

Friday, March 02, 2007

One more Mom story, for BDayTwin

So: Mom is at my house, as I am away at work. Here is a chat transcript that will show you why I love EverBabe so much:
So she (your mom) tried to log onto your computer, but it is password protected. She asked me if I knew the password. I said I did not. Then she asked me why anyone would password protect a computer at their own home. I said probably to keep their mom off of it.

OK, I'm weird.

(but you, faithful reader, knew that.)

I was trying to explain to my mother about why people have time to generate used-created content for things like YouTube. (I think the fact that I had to explain what a cover song was should have given me the hint that at least one of us was tired.

We started at Coverville, and then went to Matt Weddel's Hey Ya cover. But, as it turned out, I had to explain who Outkast was, including the original video. THEN back to the acoustic version. Then I looked for Lazy Sunday, but I think it's fallen off the Innertubes. So (and here is where it gets a little weird) I showed her the JT breakout hit Dick in a Box. Followed by My Box in a Box. I then wrapped it up with Jonathon Coulton's Flickr, almost KayRay & Geoff's song at their wedding.

Mom liked them all, but she's always been cooler than you were... Nothing personal.