Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Explainer questions we never answered in 2008. - By Daniel Engber - Slate Magazine

OK - the above link is to questions recieved by Slate, that they hadn't gotten around to answering. They will (try to?) answer the question that recieves the most votes - I would recommend placing a vote for your favorite.

I am trying to choose between two:

• Who made up the rule that if you wore a shirt all day, went home, and washed it, you can't wear it the next day?
• I have been accused of assault in Ohio. The woman fell over a box in the hall backward, and my brother opened the door, saw her lying there, and started hitting me. I got him down and held him down. It was all over a fight concerning my niece. What do you think will happen?

There are some doozies in there, though.