Thursday, June 01, 2017

Two stories about four-year-old Lachlan, focusing on nightmares and boogers.

1) He has a favorite pillow, a normal queen-sized one. Well, favorite pillowCASE; he asks for his 'blue pillow' a lot, and it doesn't matter which pillow is inside. (pillow) And to be honest, I don't know that *he* knows that we have more than one blue pillowcase - changing the pillowcase also doesn't seem to matter. Either way, Pillowy has turned into one of his best friends. At least until the other morning. He woke up calling "Dah-deeeeee" in his best plaintive tone. When i went to check on him, he let me know that he had had a bad dream. In it, Pillowy had grown legs and chased him down the hall.  No permanent damage there - he still wanted to take it with him everywhere.

2) He is a kid, and therefore is very familiar with the taste of his boogs. I try to gently steer him away from eating them, but only have about a 20% success rate. C'est la vie, amirite? However, he recently came up to me with a concerned look.
"Daddy, you know how boogs taste good?"
"Well, EAR boogs are YUCKY."

"Neither do TOE boogs.  Like THIS." (and proceeded to clean out some of the funk from between his toes.)
"Well, buddy... maybe you shouldn't eat them?"
"That's a good idea, Daddy."

I've since learned that Eye boogs taste ok, salty and crunchy.