Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sean's world is pretty cool

So - about 1/2 a mile from my house (immediately off Holcomb Bridge Road) there is a 3/4 empty strip mall. There was a Brazilian grocery at some point, but although the sign remained, it has been gone since before I moved in. Cornerstone stores include an Abbadabba's(??), as well as a Subway (which is pretty cool, but would be better if it was a store that did the whole $4 footlong after 4 PM thing.) Of course Subway hasn't been as good since *I* was a sandwich artist there, but I digress. A Dunkin Donuts *sign* has been up about 3 months, but no actual store yet. (similar to the frickin' Little Ceaser's down the way- don't get me started.) In fact, the only actual new store I've seen in the past 3 years is the pawnshop that opened last month.

Until Friday! Driving home, I saw the sign - BOOKS. (quick, and to the point)

Once & Again Used bookstore, and I was there on day 2. (i decided to hurry home to LN the first day - hope I didn't miss anything cool.

It's brightly lit, and I imagine (from the walk-in traffic I saw on Saturday) will be in fine shape for business. So - a place to get trade-in credit for my used books, and they have some new and nearly new books as well! I will be able to put off getting a library card for at least another six months!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Amusing corporate story.

Background -

My company is nationwide, corporate headquarters in California, and my offices are in Atlanta. It is also the week after the change to (from? I can never remember) Daylight Savings Time.

So, one of our accounting staff, having been with the company about 5 years or so, was about to leave for the day (at 1 PM, but that's another story,) and asked "Sean - Denver is 2 hours different from us, right?" I responded, "Correct." She continued, "... therefore Corporate is *3* hours ahead."

"Right again," I replied. "But behind."

She: "What?"

Me: "Behind. Corporate is 3 hours behind us."

She: "Ahead?"

Me: "No - behind."

She: "Really?"

Other random coworker: "Behind."

She: "Ooooohh. That explains why they are always at work."

I can understand (almost) people passing through this world for 30 years, and not necessarily being completely comfortable with time zones. (Indiana, for one) The strange thing for me is that she has to deal with our Corporate accounting office (in Denver) *daily*. Why does she not realize that there is a perfectly good reason they are CONSISTENTLY not at work before, say, 10 AM?