Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sean's world is pretty cool

So - about 1/2 a mile from my house (immediately off Holcomb Bridge Road) there is a 3/4 empty strip mall. There was a Brazilian grocery at some point, but although the sign remained, it has been gone since before I moved in. Cornerstone stores include an Abbadabba's(??), as well as a Subway (which is pretty cool, but would be better if it was a store that did the whole $4 footlong after 4 PM thing.) Of course Subway hasn't been as good since *I* was a sandwich artist there, but I digress. A Dunkin Donuts *sign* has been up about 3 months, but no actual store yet. (similar to the frickin' Little Ceaser's down the way- don't get me started.) In fact, the only actual new store I've seen in the past 3 years is the pawnshop that opened last month.

Until Friday! Driving home, I saw the sign - BOOKS. (quick, and to the point)

Once & Again Used bookstore, and I was there on day 2. (i decided to hurry home to LN the first day - hope I didn't miss anything cool.

It's brightly lit, and I imagine (from the walk-in traffic I saw on Saturday) will be in fine shape for business. So - a place to get trade-in credit for my used books, and they have some new and nearly new books as well! I will be able to put off getting a library card for at least another six months!

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