Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Badpopcorn ? Firefly and Serenity Documentary

Above is the link to a site containing the torrent for a legal download of Done The Impossible. (That's that whole Firefly-got-canceled-but-they-made-a-movie-and-how documentary. Might be interesting to any geek readers out there.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

So what has Seanner been up to?

Glad you asked!

Went to a party that LoudBobby was co-hosting, and saw some of his friends from his run club. One was a ringer for Molly Ringwald, and I remembered having met her the previous year. We chatted a while, until she had to return to her husband. There was also a lady lawyer there with a striking resemblence to Maggie Gyllenhaal, although with sparklier eyes, as well as another fetching lady lawyer who might even want to hire our company as expert witnesses. Add in the dozen or so Kiwi rugby players in town for a bachelor party to the normal crazy folks of the 'run club', and it was a memorable night. At least for me - not sure if all the others will remember it as clearly, however: too many libations .

Today, I went to a Southern cooking buffet for lunch near the house. (pretty good - I'll recommend it!) There was a 8-year-old scrawny boy getting his plate - reminded me of me at that age. EXCEPT> On his plate were about 10 brussel sprouts and 2 pieces of watermelon. Brussel Sprouts?? At his age?? Without Mom shoving them down his throat as he was having a temper tantrum?? No telling what the world is coming to.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Conan's a sell-out!

Reading Ragnar's blog, I discovered that they are selling Conan's throne on *eBay*, of all places. I suppose that I can't blame them, as it was really cool, and all. OK, OK - I may put in a bid. (I think I have room in the basement for it, and, although it would likely be uncomfortable to watch TV in, I think the laydeez would like it.

In prep for DragonCon next weekend, I thought I would post a photo of me sitting in said chair at LAST year's Con. So here it is.

PS - the 'laydeez' are from last year's Con photos, too. I'll try to upload more fun pics before next weekend.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bershon - it's not just for breakfast anymore!

Although I had never heard the term "bershon" before today, i completely recognize the description, and will have to search my own photo archives for the same expression.

Mooommm.... take the PICTure.

Edit to add: Thanks to KayRay for both rocking and the link.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've hit a new category in EHarmony!

So, I've been doing this eHarmony thing for about 4 months now, and it's interesting. I started in April, and I was 33. Now, however, I am 33 - completely different. No wait - that's the same age.

Something must have changed, though. Whereas as recently as 2 weeks ago, the Harm-stor Thinking Machine suggested that I look at people in the age rankings of 24-36, I must have passed over the invisible hump (which isn't as much fun as it sounds.) I am apparently now age appropriate for lay-deez between 30 & 42.


What happened? Did I miss the memo, where I got really mature all of a sudden? I still think that poots are funny, so that can't be it...


I'm letting it lapse for a bit, more out of lack of energy than anything else. It does take a fair amount of time, even if I've met some great people thru it.

In other news - my trivia team came in first at the Ale House! (See, Hui - we didn't need you after all. We did have some new faces, though, and hope to see them back next week.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A meme, and a webcomic

Meme first:

Hooray! The only person I recognize on there is black, and hasn't made a good movie since "The Golden Child." But if I were a lady, I'd apparently be HAWT!

And now for the Gayest T-Shirt Ever

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Reasons not to clean house

Did you ever pick something up for later? And then forget exactly what it was that you had picked up? And then, in a massive cleaning up (or at least straightening up,) start to go through all of your papers, and feel something with an unusual shape inside of another piece of paper? And, as you are only really straightening while watching TV (ah, my best friend, beautiful multi-tasking! What possible down-side could you have?), you lean in close to see exactly what you have stored away in a piece of paper? And then, not recognizing exactly what you have, you lean in closer, only to quickly remember exactly what it is, and that, after all, you really never did want it sitting right next to your face, for who exactly, after all, does want a dessicated and flattened turtle sitting right next to one's face? And then did you shriek like your imaginings of a tween girl who has experienced her first unexpected encounter with David Cassidy, or Prince Harry, or Michael Jackson, depending on what decade it was when she tweened? And then did you throw the hapless reptilian Frisbee(TM) into the air, only to have your friend (helping with the TV watching, not the straightening out, sadly) look quizzically at you? And then did you calmly pass it over to him, only to watch the exact same process repeat itself, with you as author/narrator, as opposed to unintentional victim?

What's that you say? No? Really? Oh. I thought that would be one of those universal experiences, like first love and hating algebra. My bad.

Hmm? Why, you ask, would one even consider picking up said 2-D terrapin? That is, I fear, a topic for another day. (perhaps at that time I'll upload a picture for you to see as well, gentle readers. )

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One Trilogy to Rule Them All

Tres amusing. I promise.

Funny questions from company-wide work test survey

I'm pretty sure at least some of these are at least mildly not appropriate for work, however timely they may be:

1) Has the heat wave hit your city?
2) Should steroids be banned from all sports?
3) Do you take work/laptop with you on vacation?
4) Will you see Mel Gibson's next movie?

And the final question:
If you could have lunch/dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

What's *your* answer to this last one?

(I went with my old standard: Mel Gibson & Jesus. You know… for laughs. )

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WLJPOTD - August 2

Just a quick couple of strange links from the photo site, with my thoughts:

I just don't see this tattoo looking good in 30 years.

Is it a car, or a screaming face? *YOU* be the judge!

Chubbiest cheeks I think I have ever seen...