Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've hit a new category in EHarmony!

So, I've been doing this eHarmony thing for about 4 months now, and it's interesting. I started in April, and I was 33. Now, however, I am 33 - completely different. No wait - that's the same age.

Something must have changed, though. Whereas as recently as 2 weeks ago, the Harm-stor Thinking Machine suggested that I look at people in the age rankings of 24-36, I must have passed over the invisible hump (which isn't as much fun as it sounds.) I am apparently now age appropriate for lay-deez between 30 & 42.


What happened? Did I miss the memo, where I got really mature all of a sudden? I still think that poots are funny, so that can't be it...


I'm letting it lapse for a bit, more out of lack of energy than anything else. It does take a fair amount of time, even if I've met some great people thru it.

In other news - my trivia team came in first at the Ale House! (See, Hui - we didn't need you after all. We did have some new faces, though, and hope to see them back next week.

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