Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm all moved in to my new house! Thanks for all the help, guys! And everybody

-> LoudBobby and Ogre (friend from high school) get the extra special 'Hit-Every-House.' Decoration. As well, Ogre was responsible for the Krispy Kremes, without which we would have lost LoudBobby at the first stop, without whom the TV would have slid down the stairs, without which there would be no future March Madness/Housewarming Party; all for the want of a glazed! (doughnut)
Other Awards:
-> Noodle - "Pregnant, Schmegnant." 'Special Commendation for Lifting'
-> P-man - Special thanks for all the assembly. (1.3 hours for that one shelf - could have been worse, P-man.)
-> Jaybird - "No, Sean, your bed has to go in the middle of the room." Citation. Kirkle agreed, obtaining the "My Mom Told Me The Same Thing" Maternal Medal of Honor.
-> BirthdayTwin - "Just In Time Not To Carry The BigScreen." Cleverness Recognition
-> Robynn - "Brought my own gloves, outta my way" Award, closely related to Suze's "I worked a handtruck for 7 years" Medal of Bravery.
-> Red - "What do you mean, all the boxes have been moved? I just got here!" Award.
-> Justin - "I just showed up at the storage unit to drop off my OWN crap, not help you carry YOURS." Wrong Place, Wrong Time Commendation.
-> Everbabe, SeanJr, and Markie - "Without you, Sean would have no furniture." Acclamation. Their downsizing proved to be my yay-sizing.

-> Finally, and MOST importantly - my DM DC, without whom the BigScreen would now be
laying (on its side) in the driveway. Traction and good footing, my friend, have rarely proved so useful.

-> As well, A (yes, *that* A) was very helpful. I'm not sure if she was helpful only to be helpful, or merely to get my crap the heck out of her house. {grin}(Just kidding, A.) On the plus side for her: a very nice couple asked if she was moving, and then even called back the next day. So: she might be able to escape from her reverse commute. Which makes her happy - no, ECSTATIC.

Everything worked *exceedingly* well, with my matrix of helper's proving useful as we bounced from house to house to storage unit to house. The big screen tried to come out of the truck a little faster than I would have liked, but all in all: a BEAUTIFUL, rainy, cold, drizzly, slippery, FINAL move day.

A few links below:

Hallie Berry showed up to pick up her Razzie

As well, at the bottom of the next ramp is the existence of a tool i had never imagined, in my wildest dreams. Viva le Ho-Ram!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The other day, the younger members of ASCE and the Atlanta chapter of MENSA graded MathCounts (a sorta Mathlympiad for middle schoolers.) It was fun seeing all of the dorky nerdlets (who will one day be my boss, I'm sure.) However, one of the kids must have had a little extra time, for his/her scratch paper had "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." K. had never heard of that before, so the following link is for her:
Link to all your base

This other link: just a little inappropriate for work. But one of the more interesting ways to get out of a paternity suit I've heard of. Link Guy, want my opinion? Go ahead and pay the $200 a month - you're a frickin' DOCTOR.
Beginning Random ITunes: Super Bon Bon, By Soul Coughin.

From an email I recieved from Peachtree Playhouse here in Atlanta:
Lauren Leah Mitchell, Who Starred in Last Years Hit Comedy VERANDA at the Ansley Park Playhouse, Premieres on the Big Screen this weekend in the National Release of Dairy of a Mad Black Woman.
Really? Trying to get a connection to the whole 'Mad Cow' thing is a little bit of a stretch, don't you think? (if my last comment didn't make any sense, go ahead and reread the title of the movie.)

Ending Random ITunes: Busy Child, by Crystal Method

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blast from the past: Picture of my rental car from my 2002 Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans. BUt, you say, that Saturn doesn't look like a rental car... and what's that broken glass on the ground? What, Indeed.
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(PS - Closed on the house today. And Happy B-day, Evil Stepmother!)

Quote from conversation with BirthdayTwin:
I went to this grocery store once in Tiajuana where bread came out of the ceiling.
Anyway. Eminent domain abuse. As a new property owner, this crap scares the poop out of me. Boortz ususally whines about it, but it's scary when I find myself in agreement with Scalia. Link to Slate Article

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just heard this on my new natural gas providers hold music:

Did you know that criminals prefer to work under the cover of darkness?
No, no I did not. Exactly what are you implying, Mr Disembodied Voice?

Monday, February 21, 2005

SeanJr enjoys one of his favorite treats, toast with cream cheese, while Killer hopefully awaits his turn. (Everbabe is to the right.)

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This is a photo, lifted from SeanJr's webpage.

I warn you: you will get to see my cat, Killer, in his natural element. It may shock or terrify you; you have been warned.

Link to the cat.

Welcome back. You may say to yourself: Self, why is Sean's cat at Everbabe's house? I'll tell you this: she's been saying the same thing for 2 months now.

;-) I close on the house on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 18, 2005

No... this is the REAL picture from the wedding. The lower one is from a catalog for bathroom supplies. Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride, happy daddy....
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Here is a picture from the wedding I went to over the weekend. Please note the beautiful dispensers on the wall of the restroom.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Quick update.

Jermy & Emily's wedding in Ft Lauderdale was fanTAStic. I had a ball, the weather was perfect, and they called me "The Hand Dancer." (I'll pretend not to know why)Oh yes: I got to see RogerDodger! (if not the first of the many bosses I have driven to other companies, by far my favorite.) Yay, Roger! You'll get a better update on that later in the week. I guarantee.

Closing on the house (79% chance) Wednesday of next week. % chance is because of the inherent uncertainty involved in something so big & clumsy. (Mortgage, not me.... thanks anyway, Brent)

Song I just listened to: Lyle Lovett, Her First Mistake. . I *love* this song. Its combination of clever words and lyrical music make it one of my top 10 pieces of music.

Followed by, Indigo Girls, Touch Me Fall.
FOLLOWED BY: Handel's Messiah, And He Shall Purify.

FOLLOWED BY: Day by Day, from Godspell! (nice random match, ITunes) (PS: Mom, these are links if you want to listen to samples of what I was listening to.)

Wow, it reminds me how much I like the combination of MP3's and ITunes Party Shuffle Feature. I better publish right NOW so that i can catch up with ITunes... (I was gonna stop after Lyle, but all this cool stuff started coming on.)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A few things. Just had the inspection done on my (new) prospective house done today. Things look good, and are moving right along. Yay!

In other news; This comic reminds me of Dug... ah, Dug. He would cry "Tat" and let loose the dogs of war at the slightest provocation. On the other hand, Everbabe does the same thing... and her memory is by far the best. (Perhaps that comes with being a lay-dee?) Mom, this sentence is a link.

The best part of the whole comic is that it is based upon Die Siedler, or the "WheatbrickSheep" game, as my friends call it.

Monday, February 07, 2005

OK, for those of you who have done a mortgage before, the sheer volume of paperwork is proabably not a surprise. However, one piece of information that my broker wanted seemed... excessive?

-2003 and 2004 W2's
-payroll check stubs for one full month of income
-two months worth of your bank statements, consecutive months with all the pages, for the most recent 2 months
-the name of your second grade school teacher
-a 401K statement if you have it
-copy of the contract
-check for 275.00 for the appraisal fee
Seriously: a copy of the contract? How am I supposed to come up with that!?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

On this most SuperBowl of Sunday's just wanted to let you guys know that I have completed the first of the (possible 100) steps of home ownership; i've placed the offer on the table, he counteroffered, and I accepted.

Sooooo: those pictures you see below, you might see more closely in the near future.

Yay, Team!

Front of da house
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downstairs greatroom
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Back of da house
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downstairs greatroom
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upstairs greatroom
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FIreplace in new greatroom in basement.
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Friday, February 04, 2005

One last house for you to take a look at:

ready to go.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Front of new possible house.
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Just found this on a website... i'll link it for you.

Eysenck's Test Results
Extraversion (72%) high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Neuroticism (31%) moderately low which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Psychoticism (46%) medium medium which suggests you are moderately self interested, willful, and difficult, while still respecting the well being of others.
Take Eysenck Personality Test (similar to EPQ-R)
personality tests by

(i guess i need to go ahead and try to develop my own individual interests.)
Just wanted to update you guys with the two houses I'm thinking about.

First: Older house. Current bachelor pad. Smells a little too much like chlorine: Hot tub, though {grin}

Second: Owned by some central Europeans. Hot. Accidental pool in the backyard. interesting...

haven't decided one way or the other.... Comment away with your suggestions!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Reading online comics. This one is not safe for work, but something very similar happened to me.

Substitute "bombing at a gay club" for "gay marriage ban" & "going to a coffee shop in Midtown" for "helping a friend out of a gay bar", and you have the time that I was background at a gay bookstore on CNN.

Just wanted to CC: you guys a letter I sent to management at a local radio station.

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have been a listener to your station for a number of years. With the exception of Dave Ramsey on 920 AM, WSB 750 AM is the only AM station I listen to in the Atlanta area. I find that I agree with Boortz about 55% percent of the time, Hannity about 20%, and look at Clark Howard as a fun, empathetic, helpful radio personality. Royal Marshall's show is always the most informative about local issues, and, perhaps with no Braves games to worry about, will be able to be scheduled regularly on weekday evenings.

However, every single time that I turn on my radio and hear the Michael Savage show, I immediately change the station. I find Savage's comments to be both loathsome and vile, and I find it extremely unlikely that I would ever visit a sponsor of one of his shows.

I have no idea whether my opinion is in the majority here in Atlanta; I simply wanted to tell you how I felt about the situation. I hopefully await the time I am able to listen to WSB radio in the evening once more.

(was loathsome too strong? Judge for yourself.)
I really hope this link stops working.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This is a wow type moment, a high school student making the shot of a lifetime. Why do I feature him on my site? His high school is where my brother went to college. Or somesuch.

RICHMOND, Va. It was an impossible shot, but Jordan Snipes sank it.

The Virginia high school basketball player hurled the ball 92 feet at the buzzer last night and it dropped cleanly through the hoop, giving his Guilford Quakers their 91-to-89 win over Randolph-Macon in overtime.

An opposing player had hit the first of two free throws to give Randolph-Macon an 89-to-88 lead. His coach told him to miss the second free throw.

Snipes got the rebound, turned and threw the ball 92 feet through the basket. He finished the game with 34 points -- including the three-point shot that's being shown on T-V around the country.