Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Quick update.

Jermy & Emily's wedding in Ft Lauderdale was fanTAStic. I had a ball, the weather was perfect, and they called me "The Hand Dancer." (I'll pretend not to know why)Oh yes: I got to see RogerDodger! (if not the first of the many bosses I have driven to other companies, by far my favorite.) Yay, Roger! You'll get a better update on that later in the week. I guarantee.

Closing on the house (79% chance) Wednesday of next week. % chance is because of the inherent uncertainty involved in something so big & clumsy. (Mortgage, not me.... thanks anyway, Brent)

Song I just listened to: Lyle Lovett, Her First Mistake. . I *love* this song. Its combination of clever words and lyrical music make it one of my top 10 pieces of music.

Followed by, Indigo Girls, Touch Me Fall.
FOLLOWED BY: Handel's Messiah, And He Shall Purify.

FOLLOWED BY: Day by Day, from Godspell! (nice random match, ITunes) (PS: Mom, these are links if you want to listen to samples of what I was listening to.)

Wow, it reminds me how much I like the combination of MP3's and ITunes Party Shuffle Feature. I better publish right NOW so that i can catch up with ITunes... (I was gonna stop after Lyle, but all this cool stuff started coming on.)


Anonymous said...

(From Jody) - I forgot how much I like that album. I need to get my music in order - hardly listen to anything with runt running the show now!

Anonymous said...

(Oops, I meant the Lyle Lovett album - you don't read my mind?)

Sean said...

Believe it or not: I don't read your mind.


But, I do read your body.

"If I said you had a great body, would you hold it against me?"