Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm all moved in to my new house! Thanks for all the help, guys! And everybody

-> LoudBobby and Ogre (friend from high school) get the extra special 'Hit-Every-House.' Decoration. As well, Ogre was responsible for the Krispy Kremes, without which we would have lost LoudBobby at the first stop, without whom the TV would have slid down the stairs, without which there would be no future March Madness/Housewarming Party; all for the want of a glazed! (doughnut)
Other Awards:
-> Noodle - "Pregnant, Schmegnant." 'Special Commendation for Lifting'
-> P-man - Special thanks for all the assembly. (1.3 hours for that one shelf - could have been worse, P-man.)
-> Jaybird - "No, Sean, your bed has to go in the middle of the room." Citation. Kirkle agreed, obtaining the "My Mom Told Me The Same Thing" Maternal Medal of Honor.
-> BirthdayTwin - "Just In Time Not To Carry The BigScreen." Cleverness Recognition
-> Robynn - "Brought my own gloves, outta my way" Award, closely related to Suze's "I worked a handtruck for 7 years" Medal of Bravery.
-> Red - "What do you mean, all the boxes have been moved? I just got here!" Award.
-> Justin - "I just showed up at the storage unit to drop off my OWN crap, not help you carry YOURS." Wrong Place, Wrong Time Commendation.
-> Everbabe, SeanJr, and Markie - "Without you, Sean would have no furniture." Acclamation. Their downsizing proved to be my yay-sizing.

-> Finally, and MOST importantly - my DM DC, without whom the BigScreen would now be
laying (on its side) in the driveway. Traction and good footing, my friend, have rarely proved so useful.

-> As well, A (yes, *that* A) was very helpful. I'm not sure if she was helpful only to be helpful, or merely to get my crap the heck out of her house. {grin}(Just kidding, A.) On the plus side for her: a very nice couple asked if she was moving, and then even called back the next day. So: she might be able to escape from her reverse commute. Which makes her happy - no, ECSTATIC.

Everything worked *exceedingly* well, with my matrix of helper's proving useful as we bounced from house to house to storage unit to house. The big screen tried to come out of the truck a little faster than I would have liked, but all in all: a BEAUTIFUL, rainy, cold, drizzly, slippery, FINAL move day.

A few links below:

Hallie Berry showed up to pick up her Razzie

As well, at the bottom of the next ramp is the existence of a tool i had never imagined, in my wildest dreams. Viva le Ho-Ram!

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