Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just wanted to CC: you guys a letter I sent to management at a local radio station.

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have been a listener to your station for a number of years. With the exception of Dave Ramsey on 920 AM, WSB 750 AM is the only AM station I listen to in the Atlanta area. I find that I agree with Boortz about 55% percent of the time, Hannity about 20%, and look at Clark Howard as a fun, empathetic, helpful radio personality. Royal Marshall's show is always the most informative about local issues, and, perhaps with no Braves games to worry about, will be able to be scheduled regularly on weekday evenings.

However, every single time that I turn on my radio and hear the Michael Savage show, I immediately change the station. I find Savage's comments to be both loathsome and vile, and I find it extremely unlikely that I would ever visit a sponsor of one of his shows.

I have no idea whether my opinion is in the majority here in Atlanta; I simply wanted to tell you how I felt about the situation. I hopefully await the time I am able to listen to WSB radio in the evening once more.

(was loathsome too strong? Judge for yourself.)
I really hope this link stops working.

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Marcos said...

I have to agree, except I would have said the same things that you said about Savage - about Sean Hannity. I like Boortz and Clark and Royal, but Hannity just creeps me out and makes me reach for the power button. And Savage sounds a lot like Hannity to me, except for the fact that his voice sounds just like Jody's grandfather. If that's not purely regional, that'd make him the first ultra-right-wing conservative Jew I've encountered. :)