Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chinese Buffet for dinner

Went to City Lite buffet for dinner tonight, and got a fortune cookie that said: "Success will be yours at home and in business in the next month."

Cha-CHING! Perhaps my wacky inventions are finally going to pay off!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How To Swing - The United States Patent Office explains it all?for you. By Timothy Noah

And the above link is the OTHER reason I love Slate. A complete listing of the patent issued a few years ago for swinging. On a swing. In the playground.

I need to talk to my niece, make sure she knows about this.

SOAP - Music video update

Someone tell Sam Jackson he's my bro

Strangely related - some mildly humorous bits

See This's made of snakes?

Wealthy and Wise - Warren Buffett's lesson to the rich. By Jacob Weisberg

I guess the fact that there is good news every once in a while means that the MSM doesn't necessarily *always* have to say bad things about Bush.

One line in particular I liked was the following:
There's a human and personal dimension to this as well: Buffett didn't want to cripple his own children by raising them to expect a free ride. As he pointed out in response to a question Monday, people at his country club who complain about the debilitating effects of welfare should recognize that they're creating a cycle of dependency by giving their own kids "a lifetime supply and beyond of food stamps."
Amen, Brother Buffett.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Photo from the past - "And a cookie!"

New Orleans - before Katrina.

The Dilbert Blog: 13-inch Tail

I think it was Scott's "Rule 472" that made me laugh the hardest.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Knowledge For Thirst ? Freez Lemon

You've trusted me in the past, and not been let down, right?

I mean, these guys didn't let you down, right? So I followed a random link to this site and had a ball. Read on, and see if you agree:

The Lebanese beverage industry is not a sector of the global economy you hear an awful lot about these days. Is it even legal for me to be drinking something imported from Beirut, is basically my main question. If not then I guess consider this my protest against the current administration and their war on freedom, or whatever it is they currently don’t want everyone to have.
It actually hit me halfway through that this tastes very much like Smirnoff Triple Black Ice, and I had a mild freak-out. Holy moly please let me not be drinking an alcoholic beverage at 9 am, at work. The ingredients seem to check out, but who knows. I am not a man of science.

Funny funny.
Chinese fortune from lunch:
"You will prosper with your wacky inventions."
(I must say - that was completely unexpected.)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Post 350! And a car.

One advantage to being in the same office park as the North American headquarters of Porshe is the unexpected perks, such as major movie stars hanging around.

For example, the Porsche from movie "Cars" is outside in our traffic circle.

(note the handsome fella with Sally (the car's name.)

shame about his arms, though...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

YouTube - Hope Is Emo: Chapter One "The Words Are Dying"

SuperMark - you asked me a while ago exactly what emo was. Well, this video by the guys at "Ask a Ninja" have the answer.

Hope is Emo.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hear the loud, annoying, sound! Or not...

It's up to you if you would like to try to hear the noise. So far, about 50% of the folx here at work have heard it, including, most definitely, our high school intern.

And EverBabe, but not Ogre. Interesting... I guess 34 is the cut off point.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sean's tired update

Just a brief update. No interesting dreams recently, but did go out for chinese last night with some friends in from out of town. (Fortune Cookie, if you must know... and it was DELICIOUS. Not my traditional standard of low price/high quantity. Also, EverBabe's absolute favorite Chinese place in the world.)

My fortune, however, read as follows: "Your luck will soon be at a high point." Say. No. More. (and wish me well, as I really hope that my luck is REALLY good soon, cause I am scared of the thought of a high point of luck that isn't that great. Unless it's just a local maximum.)

PS - I love that in one of the reviews above the reviewer used the word "envioronmence" and expected anyone to know what it meant.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sean's Kah-RAAAAZY Dreams, Episode 1

The thing that is most crazy about my dreams is that I really don't remember them most of the time. (in this case, most is approximately 95% or more of the time.) So now, for the past 2 nights, I have remembered them, at least long enough to tell myself about them, and then maybe tell you guys. (EverBabe is my bestest dream teller-to, but she's been potentially asleep when I've awoken, and I didn't want to wake her. So: On with the dreams!

Dream 1 of night before last - I think it was vaguely "Omen" inspired. My family was trying to either kill or make sure that my brother and I died. (Family = I know it was a dream, and I know you weren't really trying to kill me. On the other hand, don't send me any apples via an old crone - they probably won't be accepted.) I had to convince him to pretend to be dead when they came upstairs to check on us. (I like to think of this as the "Romantic Comedy" of dreams... so yeah, like "The Omen")

Dream 2 of night before last - I was in Australia, or some other continent that was a big old sand dune. I parked somewhere in the southeast at the base of a big sand mountain. (no real roads here - drive where-ever you want.) They were doing a bunch of sand skiing (like snow skiing, but, you know - on sand?) I did that a lot, but then, at the end of the day, realized I didn't know where I was. More importantly, I couldn't find my car, cause - no roads = no cross-streets = no Goofy lot. So that sucked. (In keeping with the movie theme of the evening's dreams, this was a "Dude - Where's My Ishtar?" )

Dream 3 - last night. I really have the feeling that this was a continuation of an earlier dream. So let's call this dream 02.2 (02 for the second night, and 2 for the second dream of the night) In the first, barely remembered dream, I was more or less myself, and hanging out with a buncha hoodlum ne'er-do-wells. I think they were more slackers than actual 'biker punks', but either way, "COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OF MY CURRENT FRIENDS WHO ARE READING THIS." (Did they buy it? Good... back to the story.) In that one (02.1), I remember making the choice to grow up, and stop hanging out with those guys. I may have had help from someone else at that point, or we made the decision together - whatever. Either way, using dream logic, I escaped from that unproductive dream trap. Which leads to dream 02.2. I now switched perspective to one of the other slackers in the dream. It's interesting, but it seems that I was a Logan Echolls/Ryan Phillippe's character from "Cruel Intentions" kind of guy in this one: jaded, world-weary, and above all else - very 'me' centered. I ended up having a very strange night in which I decided to follow the path that the dream 02.1 'me' had left - it probably would have made a great 80's movie. Or originally was *in* a great 80's movie that I sublimated... whatever. Anyhoo. Started off in the college library where I was working on a project with some friends. In prime jerk mode, I wasn't being very helpful. (PG-13 allusion coming up soon, skip to next paragraph if you are uncomfortable with that from me:) Through the vagaries of dream logic, I then ended up with a Mrs Robinson type character, who, yes, was trying to seduce me. In my tux. (why did I have a tux? DREAM LOGIC.)
I then was walking home along the highway. Apparently this was after prom, because I ran into a nice couple of high-school seniors going home after not having fun at their prom. They were even better charicactures of 80's movie misfits than I. I was apparently close enough in age to them that they mistook me for one of their own. Now, in the dream world, graduation was happening the morning after prom, and they had decided to skip it. I, going through my magic transformation from Amoral Logan to Good Logan, was able to convince them that they would regret not going, and, as long as we were walking down the highway right in front of their school, why not run on in and grab their diploma? Which they did.
The graduation ceremony was very strange, however, as they were apparently breaking down the stage (and indeed the entire outdoor amphitheatre structure) as the ceremony was coming to an end. (Dream detail - there were tulip poplars there.) The girl was able to get her diploma, though - which was very neat to DreamMe. I decided to head outside (well, more outside) and leave, as I felt my work was finished. I had a notebook with me, and wrote down the events of my evening (looking, I imagine, much like this) and then, in my spare time, wrote up a brief article for submission to a magazine. I think the magazine article represented my maturing and excape from the group of ne'er-do-wells, cause I then teleported(!) back to where they were, slacking back at our house. I dropped a witty bon-mot along the lines of 'It is finished,' which they had completely ignored when I was other me in dream 02.1. Now they understood it to mean that I was out of the gang, as it were. They were bummed, but didn't really do anything about it, cause, you know... slackers? Yay! Personal growth!
I must have scored a cap and gown at the graduation, cause I had it on now. I decided to change out of my tux, and then *poof* teleported back to the graduation. With not much to wear. I decided it was OK, because these kids needed a story to tell, like 'hey - remember that guy who didn't have any clothes on under his robes?' {REAL LIFE ALERT - This would normally freak me out. Just wanted you to know.} I began to leave the scene (on foot, as my teleportation apparently only works when I didn't really want it to.)

So - those are my crazy dreams. J - still have that dream interpretation book?