Monday, June 19, 2006

The Knowledge For Thirst ? Freez Lemon

You've trusted me in the past, and not been let down, right?

I mean, these guys didn't let you down, right? So I followed a random link to this site and had a ball. Read on, and see if you agree:

The Lebanese beverage industry is not a sector of the global economy you hear an awful lot about these days. Is it even legal for me to be drinking something imported from Beirut, is basically my main question. If not then I guess consider this my protest against the current administration and their war on freedom, or whatever it is they currently don’t want everyone to have.
It actually hit me halfway through that this tastes very much like Smirnoff Triple Black Ice, and I had a mild freak-out. Holy moly please let me not be drinking an alcoholic beverage at 9 am, at work. The ingredients seem to check out, but who knows. I am not a man of science.

Funny funny.
Chinese fortune from lunch:
"You will prosper with your wacky inventions."
(I must say - that was completely unexpected.)

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