Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fi has started kindergarten this week, leading to 3 days of dropping her off at the bus. I'm sure that will get old sometime, but it's still fun to walk her to her stop. (Lachlan hasn't been in LOVE with his sister getting to do something he can't, but for whatever reason the driver wouldn't take him too. Even though I offered her $0.50 in dimes.)

He's been pretty adorkable himself recently, tho. Putting him to bed the past few nights I've been telling him a story. The first night as he was crying for Mommy, I went ahead and told him all the things that Mommy was doing (walking through the woods, going up Up UP a hill, going down Down DOWN a hill, crossing a stream.... you know, the basics.) That worked pretty well -> he passed out 2 minutes into this riveting tale. Last night, however, things went a little differently:

Me, thinking there was some way I could stretch my storytelling muscles: "Once upon a time, there was a pirate captain named Lachlan, and he was on a boat, sailing across the water."
L: "No no no, MOMMY was mumble mumble!"
Me, incredulously: "MOMMY was sailing?"
L: "YEAH!"
Me, resignedly: "OK, MOMMY was sailing, and she landed on a beach. She walked through the woods, and saw a bear. She said 'Hello, Bear!'"
L: "No no no, she mumble mumble MOMMY!"
Me, to confirm: "She said 'Hello MOMMY?'"
L: "YEAH!"
Me, dryly: "....Mommy said hello mommy."
L: "YEAH!"
Me, fingers crossed: "OK. Mommy said Hello mommy. Then Mommy saw a rabbit."
L: "No no no, she mumble mumble a MOMMY!"
Me: "..... Mommy saw a MOMMY?"
L: "YEAH!"
Me. seeing the logical ending to this pattern: "OK. Mommy saw mommy walking through the woods."
L: "No no no! Mommy mumble through the mommy!"
Me: "..... Mommy walked through the mommy?
L: "YEA-No no NO! Mumble mumble mommy!"
Me, willing to compromise my artistic vision: "..... Mommy mommy through the mommy."
L: "YEAH!"
Me, ready for bed myself at this point: "..... Mommy mommy through the mommy."