Friday, August 25, 2006

Conan's a sell-out!

Reading Ragnar's blog, I discovered that they are selling Conan's throne on *eBay*, of all places. I suppose that I can't blame them, as it was really cool, and all. OK, OK - I may put in a bid. (I think I have room in the basement for it, and, although it would likely be uncomfortable to watch TV in, I think the laydeez would like it.

In prep for DragonCon next weekend, I thought I would post a photo of me sitting in said chair at LAST year's Con. So here it is.

PS - the 'laydeez' are from last year's Con photos, too. I'll try to upload more fun pics before next weekend.

1 comment:

BaxterWatch said...

at first I thought you were talking about conan o'brien since he hosted the emmys. and why would he have a throne?

i am a little slow.