Sunday, August 27, 2006

So what has Seanner been up to?

Glad you asked!

Went to a party that LoudBobby was co-hosting, and saw some of his friends from his run club. One was a ringer for Molly Ringwald, and I remembered having met her the previous year. We chatted a while, until she had to return to her husband. There was also a lady lawyer there with a striking resemblence to Maggie Gyllenhaal, although with sparklier eyes, as well as another fetching lady lawyer who might even want to hire our company as expert witnesses. Add in the dozen or so Kiwi rugby players in town for a bachelor party to the normal crazy folks of the 'run club', and it was a memorable night. At least for me - not sure if all the others will remember it as clearly, however: too many libations .

Today, I went to a Southern cooking buffet for lunch near the house. (pretty good - I'll recommend it!) There was a 8-year-old scrawny boy getting his plate - reminded me of me at that age. EXCEPT> On his plate were about 10 brussel sprouts and 2 pieces of watermelon. Brussel Sprouts?? At his age?? Without Mom shoving them down his throat as he was having a temper tantrum?? No telling what the world is coming to.

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Anonymous said...

Kiwi, yes. Rugby, no. They were all in criquet get-ups, even though they don't actually play it; it was just for show.