Friday, March 02, 2007

OK, I'm weird.

(but you, faithful reader, knew that.)

I was trying to explain to my mother about why people have time to generate used-created content for things like YouTube. (I think the fact that I had to explain what a cover song was should have given me the hint that at least one of us was tired.

We started at Coverville, and then went to Matt Weddel's Hey Ya cover. But, as it turned out, I had to explain who Outkast was, including the original video. THEN back to the acoustic version. Then I looked for Lazy Sunday, but I think it's fallen off the Innertubes. So (and here is where it gets a little weird) I showed her the JT breakout hit Dick in a Box. Followed by My Box in a Box. I then wrapped it up with Jonathon Coulton's Flickr, almost KayRay & Geoff's song at their wedding.

Mom liked them all, but she's always been cooler than you were... Nothing personal.

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