Friday, March 09, 2007

From backstage at Assassin's

So: it's taken me this long to get me chatting here, from a place full of computers, and a long time backstage to come up with interesting things to say. I'm not sure why I waited for the second-to-last performance, but I did. Which is good - gives me a chance to talk about some of the great stories that have happened onstage (and off:)

Of course, I've been a big ole' lech with all of the nubile young women. Well... not exactly. I mean, I am thrown by the fact that most weren't yet born when I started high school (it's seriously Star Wars girl all over again, but this time 10 years worse.)

Al "Guiteau" - He's got some of the most googly eyes I have ever seen (at least, since I last looked in the mirror.) ((or at a picture of Brian.)) (((SNAP!))) As a point of pride, he won't close his eyes during the scene in which he is praying (makes him look crazier... which he loves. But last Saturday, during the Friends of DramaTech full house, (with many alums who had been in the show previously attending,) his contacts popped right out. Pop. And Mom, KayRayGee, and Ellen all noticed (with others in the house.) Mom's comment - "i didn't remember him CRYING last night."

Theron D. at that same show - /slowly backing away 'I didn't realize you had so much anger pent up. '

Jimmy Rose - When did he get twin boys who are taller than I am? How? ???

David Cater - You did a great job!
Me - Where's my glass head???
David - {looking abashed} Oh my god, is that YOURS??
Me - it was just a LOAN. (sure, 10 years ago, but nonetheless....)
(he's supposebly gonna go look for it... i will believe it when I see it.)

Same show - as we were supposed to be pushing Oswald into shooting his president, we reached the peak of the music, the part usually followed by the biggest BANG of the show. This night -
"..change the world!"
What you are not seeing is the sound of the sweat going down my forehead as it may not happen... and poor Oswald.... having to hold that in.

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Marcos said...

Glass head? I don't think I know this story. Which I find hard to believe - how can you have a story I haven't heard? :)

P.S. Excuse me while I go into PedantiMarkie mode: it's spelled "Tharen". Thank you for playing.

Great show tonight, btw. :)