Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just wanted to (quickly) point out a little synchronicity. In 1995 Everbabe & Markie lived in the same apartment complex as Richard Jewell. We discovered this when the men in suits were walking through her backyard on day when we were on the phone. (She rudely hung up on me, just to talk to the New York Times - but that's neither here nor there.) In case you don't remember, Richard Jewell was the hero of the Centennial Park bombing, then the villian, and now is more of a tragic hero, falsely accused, A-Team type of guy. You may or may not remember that I basically lived with the two of them for *years* before I *actually* lived with the two of them; this will prove interesting later. There are other good stories with respect to that, including "Kitchen - Tools?", that I'll tell you later, if you are nice. But that's not what I am telling you about today.

Nope, on Friday of last week, a crazy guy got a gun at his trial at the Fulton County courthouse, shot the judge and court reporter, killed another deputy in his flight, pistol-whipped an AJC reporter, and basically Grand Theft Auto'd his way around town for 24 hours, during which time he only(!) killed one more federal agent. Why bring this up, you ask?

He apparently had the condo right across the pool from A & I. Like, we could see into his place. (He had good decorating taste, interestingly.) A is mad because she thinks it might make it harder to sell her place. I'm just waiting for number 3 (don't these things always happen in threes?) I'm curious what intrigue will occur somewhere in Terramont....

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