Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Two quick things:

Topic The First
Got the proverbial 'bolt-from-the-blue' the other day when a cute girl from Tech gave me a ring. (or at least she {ping}ed me.) I then realized it's been close to 10 years since we had really spoken - how weird is THAT? We'll try to keep it a little more frequently. We chatted on the phone for about an hour & a half, and caught up. One funny thing- when I told her about A. (9 year relationships tend to come up when people ask you what you've been doing for the past 10 years) she said "Oh yeah... I've got you beat. Remember LoserBoy(Tm)? We recently ended our own long-term thing."

"Sure, I remember LoserBoy...." I said, glad we were on the phone and the puzzled look wasn't going through the line. But then, as we continued talking, and I thought about it, I realized I *did* remember him. Or at least the existence of a LoserBoy(tm), who (correctly or not) I remembered naming as such. Or at least was there for the inception of the name. Or (and this is the most likely chain of events) I confabulated the whole thing. But I tell you this: the *way* she said "LoserBoy(tm)gave me treMENdous deja vous. So, here is a table of the odds of the possiblities.

I came up with the name LoserBoy 30%
Was there for the naming ceremony 30%
Confabulated the whole thing 5%
Already named before my involvement the rest%

Topic The Second:
My grandfather was at Oak Ridge during WWII, and handled raw uranium. He died in 1991 of cancer, but was really the reason that I became an engineer and went to Georgia Tech. I found this website today that was interesting, and will update you all with
Link to Children of the Manhattan Project Website

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