Thursday, March 24, 2005

From Red, who's temporarily working at a local county governmental office:

...Apparently we are SUPER lucky in terms of cube noise at our work because there is this lady with the MOST annoying laugh that I have ever heard (I'll have to demonstrate when I see you next). But WORSE than this laugh is what I heard in the cube next to me. I'm working away and I hear this deep voice talking into the phone next to me, "Hey baby, did you call me?", "It's weird, it said that you called twice but I didn't get your messages.", "Yeah baby, something must not be working.", "I can't wait to see you baby."...then in a slightly lowered voice (and it almost makes me puke writing this:) "You are so sexy baby, yeah you are so sexy."

We clearly are going to have to send Red to diversity training, as our seniors can still have active sex lives! (OK, now *I* threw up in my mouth a little...)

Email edited to protect Frank McSkeezy's actual identity.

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