Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This is a copy of the 'paper' version of my blog that I kept when I was staying at Zelda's house. Before moving in to this place and getting broadband, I had to make do with paper & pencil, like a savage. While at EverBabe's house right before moving, I checked my email and found one from... well, why don't you just read for yourself?
Wow - Just heard from ANOTHER blast from the past. We'll call her Suz. (My attempts to cleverly protect the innocent have failed to this point, as Red came by the other day and said: "Who's EverBabe? Jody?" On the other hand, Jody tends to out herself on SeanJr's - I mean, Connor's webpage.
Anyhoo, Suz sent out a {ping} to see if I was still alive. I'm glad I was at EB's house, cause with her help I was able to successfully edit the following line from my response: "Wow it's been almost 10 years, long enough for one of use to get fat and/or bald. Don't worry - it's me." Thanks again, EB, for helping save me from myself, although as {ping} responses go, I've seen better.

Looks like I didn't really get into how giddy I was to hear from her; we've been able to talk a few times, and I've loved it. Note my attempt to put up a link to her site on the right hand side of the page. She's just bought a horse, and there may be pictures on her site. Go ahead and look - I won't mind.

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