Sunday, February 04, 2007

Supa (WHA??) Superbowl of Narnia

Just a quick, wedding-weekend update.

Listening to Billy Joel sing the national anthem right now, and am reminded of Dad's question to me earlier: "Well, son, what's your pick for the game today?" I fondly remembered all the times growing up where he and I would watch the big game together,(hint - NONE) and honestly felt like a bit of an imposter when I made up an answer (probably the AFC team, although I'm not even sure those are the right initials.)

In other local news: someone just brought 10 pizzas into the Drury Inn lobby, so there will probably be SOMEONE watching the game here. I may go head over to watch the game near the newlyweds, at least before I soak my aching bones in the hot tub.

Will fill in more information as to my great trip in a couple of minutes.

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