Monday, February 12, 2007

Catch-up post from Jan 29 -

Sorry for the absence - did you find that your heart grew fonder? If not - I understand why. You might feel as though I abandoned you for another. No fear, precious one... I merely was creating room for *me*. So. I'm back from my inward journey of self-discovery, and if I have learned anything, its that I really need to do laundry. Spiritually speaking, of course. Let me do my best to catch you up with my life.
I'd decided to try to get back on stage, not as part of a chorus, but instead as part of a *musical.* (yay, drama!) I find it hard to believe that it has been almost 10 years since I've been up there, (from Joseph & his Cool Jacket in 1995 to Godspell in 1997 (or was it 1998?)) Even The Miser, as part of a Baroque quartet, roved to be an enjoyable time. I wanted to return for a couple of reasons: 1) hey man, I already done tole you I enjoyed it. 2) Lay-deez. Not really - but sort of. (I had so many pleasant experiences all of those years ago, and maybe, to a certain degree, I was trying to re-create that feeling.)
Back in December, Greg Abbott, long-time director of DT, passed away unexpectedly. Besides being just a real bummer, (he had been a calming and driving force for this student-run theatre for almost two decades,) it severely impacted the schedule of the theatre. For example, usually the winter show is cast at the end of November, etc. Toneman (who had done such a great job as Zangara in Assassins in 1993) stepped up and volunteered to direct, and held auditions at the beginning of January. I found out about it, auditioned, was cast, and then had an extremely busy two weeks:

Sun - Audition - DT
Mon - Rehearsal - CGA
Tues - Trivia - Ale House
Wed - Read-Thru - DT
Thur - Sing-Thru - DT
Fri - Salsa/Tapas -
Sat - King-Sized Elvis's B-Day show-
Sun - Fly to Vegas
Mon - Vegas, Baby
Tues - Fly from Vegas - RedEye
Wed - Rehearsal - DT

And SHAZAM - I got busy. Well... not exactly. That's a little gross {grin} My dance card got full. Now, five-six days a week, in the evenings, I have *something* to do. Which is fun.
What's in my upcoming schedule? That's a great question. KayRay's wedding in N'Awlins. Play the last weekend in Feb, as well as the first two in March. (10 performances, total!!) CGA performance March 3. (Yay, Requia!) And just staying honest. Anything I'm forgetting?
Hmm... Dug has a lady (!!!!) - and maybe a job here in town. Good luck there! T-Man called the other day - it was as awkward a call as you would expect from a teenager, but was still a very good conversation. And, when I told him about my play, Dad and I had a very unusual conversation, where he went on and on about when *he* was in plays back in grad school. (honestly - almost didn't recognize him. It was cute.)
Look for upcoming dispatches from my New Orleans trip in the near future! Maybe with pictures!

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