Friday, February 02, 2007

New Orleans - Day One

So - I wrote this big long post the other day during an intermibly long web-conference, but (and you are wise to ask for details) it hasn't been posted yet. Perhaps because I actually *wrote* it. :) you know, like with a pen and paper? I know, I know... dark ages here. {grin} but we will be able to overcome, I am sure. I promise it won't end up in the dustbin of the ages, like my DragonCon posts or Thomas's graduation.
So why am I in the Crescent City? KayRay's wedding, of course. This time. As I rode the shuttle into the Quarter< I was reminded of the last (and first) time I was down here, almost exactly five years ago. It was fun, although getting the car stolen was really the high point. But it really does bring to mind exactly what is different. Then I was with my (soon-to-be) fiance', a plethora of Jean's and Jeanie's (they're sisters, it's a Korean thing, don't ask), as well as their respective long-term boyfriends, and a prototype Yao Ming (well, he is a 6'8" ethnic Chinese, so it's almost the same thing.) Now - no fiance', the boyfriends are now husbands, and everything is different. Well, not EVERYthing... Jaime's probably still tall. {grin}
I'm staying at the Drury Inn, which is nice for a couple of reasons. Number 1 - there seems to be a wedding party getting all ready to go out, which (for some masochistic reason) seems to make me happy. Ah, yes - I figured it out. It's all of the pretty girls in their cocktail dresses. {grin} Secondly: They have a manager's reception at 5:30 PM, with three free cocktails. (you have to drink them in 90 minutes, but sacrifices must be made, right? {pause} Right??)
I'll update you with more information later tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Either way - hope I don't get murdered.

ps - if i do get murdered, there was nothing you could do. You did everything you could.

-pps - i really dope I don't get murdered. :)

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