Thursday, February 15, 2007

Have I screwed up my daughters forever? - By Michael Lewis - Slate Magazine

This story is awesome. And the pictures of the resentful daughters?


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P-Dogg said...

Haha - great story - I ended up reading his other articles regarding becoming a Father...they all hit a chord with me. Especially this little bit:

'A woman in labor needs to believe, however much evidence she has to the contrary, that the man in waiting beside her bed is directing every ounce of his concern toward her. This is of course impossible; and so the trick for the man in waiting is to disguise his private interests. He learns to camouflage trips to the john as grape juice fetching missions. When he is hungry he waits until his wife dozes off, then nips furtively down to the hospital vending machine for his supper of Ring Dings and Nacho Cheese Doritos. At some point in his private ordeal one of the hospital staff will turn to him and ask, sweetly, "And how is Dad doing?" He must understand that no one actually cares how Dad is doing. His fatigue, his worries, his tedium, his disappointment at the contents of hospital vending machines—these are better unmentioned. Above all, he must know that if his mask of perfect selflessness slips for even a moment he will be nabbed. '

Heh heh...
Been there - done that...

Here's to seeing that 'Daddy youre a meany' Post it note on my fridge some day..