Thursday, August 25, 2005 - HipClicks

Howdy - So, I got spammed a teeny tiny bit. On my blog. I mean, seriously... WTF?

Anyhoo - before I realized that it was a series of spam bots (or maybe just one industrious bot) just dumping crap in my comments, I clicked on a link in the comment, as sort of a quid pro quo. For Womens Shoes So I clicked on it, and found what looked like a websearch had thrown up on a weblog. Strange. BUT - there was an interesting looking link containing Nicholas Brendan (Xander from Buffy) and womens shoes, so i clicked on THAT. And found the link hidden in the title above. Which led me to stay at work an extra 2.5 hours, making up for the time wasted because of that link.

BDayGirl, Noodle, EverBabe, KayRay, even Princess: You'll all dig the entertainment links there. Just again: don't start when you have a deadline. (the thing that started me down the primrose path.... OF DOOM was a Tim Burton directed gum commercial from France.)

(Noodle - you might like that WTF site. I haven't looked at it, but it appears to be a bunch of people, just venting.)


Curleygirl said...

Haha! I already ranted on your last blog. :) Was that a hint btw about the ranting?

Sean said...

nope, no hint. I just know that you like a good vent as much as anyone (and more than some.) ;-)