Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Racism on Flickr - Or does Looting = Finding

Above is an interesting look at two reporters biases, as based upon their captions for some Katrina photos. PS - WTF is up with Atlanta? Snopes should have a full time person taking care of our 'gas shortage' - doubling in price to $5 a gallon, all because "someone" heard that "the government" was going to close all stations at 4 PM. You know, because we had no gas in town?

Thanks to Slate for the first link.


onlyaymie said...

why won't this picture show up for me...?? :(

Anonymous said...

It's 'cause they had to add some language about how the pictures come from all over the place with captions ready-made, so they can't really be to blame.

The pictures are back now.