Thursday, August 11, 2005

Have you SEEN the new nickel?

So, KayRay at work hooked me up with the new, 2005 nickel. If you haven't seen it, enjoy it in all of its buffalo'ed glory. The obverse has a strange picture of Jefferson (it's like they couldn't even get his face all the way in the frame. ) But in an impromptu work poll, people thought it looked modern/contemperary. So go Team US Mint!
However, the question that arise for me is regarding the buffaloes... equipment. I mean, seriously; are they trying to give half of the population inferiority complexes?
With a NICKEL? (I could understand a big wang on the 20...)


Anonymous said...

Jody says:
I'm sure that he is modestly sized compared to other buffalo!

onlyaymie said...

It is actually a "prepuce tassel" - - not um the other thing.

You silly city folk...