Friday, August 19, 2005

Avant Game: the ministry of reshelving

I just really like the idea of this-enough so I might hit Border's on my way home tonight.

"How to Serve the Ministry of Reshelving

1. Select a local bookstore to carry out your reshelving activities.

2. Download and print 'This book has been relocated by the Ministry of Reshelving' bookmarks and 'All copies of 1984 have been relocated' notecards to take with you to the bookstore. Or make your own. We recommend bringing a notecard and 5-10 bookmarks to each store.

3. Go to the bookstore and locate its copies of George Orwell's 1984. Unless the Ministry of Reshelving has already visited this bookstore, it is probably currently incorrectly classified as 'Fiction' or 'Literature.'

4. Discreetly move all copies of 1984 to a more suitable section, such as 'Current Events', 'Politics', 'History', 'True Crime', or 'New Non-Fiction.'"

Thanks to Today's Blogs in Slate for this link. They also had a great link to the NPR article about it.

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