Friday, August 26, 2005

Teenage Wasteland - Farewell to the sadistic pleasures of Brat Camp.

Alrighty, this guy's review of this show I have never seen made me call EverBabe TWICE. (sorry about that.) First was this quote, which for whatever reason made me think of SuperMark.
Reality TV is not even a guilty pleasure anymore. It's as if our entire culture has reached the halfway point in a gigantic bag of Cheetos and just collectively decided to go ahead and finish it off.
Secondly, there was this little gem, which saw co-workers witness me snort DietCoke(Tm) out of my nose.
"Brat Camp was like porn for people who hate teenagers, which is probably the largest target audience possible, since it includes everyone in the world, even (and especially) teenagers.
Though I'm normally a pretty empathetic person, I hate teenagers with incredible fervor. It's nothing personal: I hate them categorically, like I hate injustice. "

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The Mustachioed One (You know who) said...

How exactly does one snort Coke out of your nose?