Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Katrina and the Waves)


Thanks to ME for looking over at Snopes.


Anonymous said...

The real problem is that Americans continue to choose vehicles that perform poorly. Demand is the problem. Until we stop buying gas guzzling cars there will be more demand for gas than supply. The reason gas was so cheap in the 90's was we were drive cars that got great gas mileage. Remember the Honda CRX HF? It got nearly 50 miles to the gallon no electric or hybrid tech needed. There were scores of other cars, in fact most cars got over 30, only large cars from American auto makers that were marketed to old people, and sports cars performed poorly. I remember as a teen thing I could not stand to drive a land barge, how embarrassing.

Now what are we doing? Buying large SUV's, trucks, giant hemi dodges, and other vehicles that don’t perform well. When are we going to get a clue that we are causing our own pain? On top of that China is beginning to use allot of oil as its economy grows, and that to is increasing demand.

The solution? Quit buying giant cars, and start buying midsize or smaller. If we do that, then the car makers will shift to that segment.

Forget the gas/electric hybrids, they don’t get great gas mileage, and they are an environmental nightmare. Sure emissions are lower, but where does everyone thing those batteries are going when they are exhausted? They only last 3-5 years, then they have to be thrown out, and replaced. The toxic part of the batteries, and I mean TOXIC, is not recyclable.

Alan Osborne

P-Dogg said...

Hmm yes. None of this has anything to do with a Category 5 Hurricane impacting our fuel refineries. Instead its because us stupid Americans keep insisting on buying SUVs.

*smacks self on forehead* DUH! Why are we so stupid! I knew it was my fault!

Thanks for the solution, Alan. I'll call you next time I want to buy a car to make sure it fits your size standards for saving the Earth.

Curleygirl said...

I vote for digging in Alaska. Or nuclear cars!

wooglins said...

P-Dogg - gas has been going up in price for the past 4+ years primarly due to an increase in worldwide demand, and a large increase in consumption in America. This increase in consumption is primarly due to decreased fuel effeciency.

A big problem is many have selected cars that get bad miliage, yet there is alot of complaining about gas prices, not just now.

Another major problem is the environazis refuse the let the fuel companies built any new refineries to allow for increased production, so we have a somewhat limited supply here in America. Not limited by crude, but limited by our ability to make gas from crude.