Thursday, December 01, 2005

Your Health This Month - Death by kissing, dust-mite frustration, and a breast-feeding benefit for mothers. By Sydney?Spiesel

EverBabe - the third story is the one I wanted you to see, although the one about dust mites is pretty cool too.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, too late for me - I have been showing signs of diabetes in this pregnancy! Nice thought, though. =)

Curleygirl said...

Just as another FYI that I didn't know until recently - concerning dust mites and babies

If you steam clean your carpets, as stated in this article, tons of the mites hatch. You aren't supposed to put your babies on the floor soon after steam cleaning and expose them to the mites. I heard about an infant that died from this. Don't know if it was an allergy or what.

Guess dirty carpets are safer. Who knew?