Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wonkette - backwards engineering foreign policy

OK, OK - I *am* more liberal than conservative. But you have to admit, this visual montage is pretty funny, whatever your politics.

I'm stealing from Mickey Kaus at Slate for this link. Hope to return the favor sometime.

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P-Dogg said...

Ugh.... talk about a huge mistake when President Bush had that 'Mission Accomplished' banner hung behind him on that aircraft carrier right after we seized control of Baghdad (you know, the seat of government in Iraq). Because now every lefty (and no Seannibal, I don't consider you a Lefty)in the world uses that photo to poke fun at him over and over and over again, ad nauseam. Nevermind that the mission at the time (removing Saddam Hussein from power) WAS accomplished. Pres. Bush or his staff still should have had the foresight to realize that hanging that banner could open him up to a tidal wave of sneering criticism from people who don't get the big picture for years upon years afterwards. 'Ha ha looky - that banner means that Bush thinks we won the War on Terror! hahahah! what a dummy! Doesn't he know we're losing???'

Regardless, it is interesting how he keeps having to come up with these bogus 'strategies' or 'plans' for "victory", whatever that means. That's OK though, as long as the President is forced to author these 'reports' to attempt to placate the self-important Senators demanding timetables and the like from the Bush administration, it distracts and keeps these particular 'lawmakers' from interfering in the hard work our military is doing to actually change the world for the better.

*takes deep breath*

But I agree, I don't understand why the Bush Administration is playing these word games with people.

just my $0.02