Saturday, November 12, 2005

In other news...

Just wanted to let you all know, (yes, even *you*, Gisele Bundchen...) that I have offically jumped headfirst back into the dating pool. Or something.

I guess it shouldn't be *too* weird for me, seeing as how it's only been *10 years* since I went on a first date. Ok... a little weird. {grin}

"But Sean," some of the more observant of you say, "what about those *other* dates that you had the past few months? They certainly seem at least a *little* more recent that 10 years ago."

"Ah," I respond to the budding Seanologist. "Those don't count. A) I knew the ladies ahead of time, and B) the subject of the most successful of them moved to another state to live with another man less than two weeks after our second 'date.' That's right - I drove her not only to another man, but indeed another Senate District."

I sent a response to something I read on Craigslist, under the woman-seeking-man portion. I would post which one I responded to, but I am afraid that Leo DiCaprio (a regular lurker on this blog) woud try to steal her from me. I'll let you know how it works out.


onlyaymie said...

my cousin met her husband on ... ah, the power of the internet

BaxterWatch said...

beware the power of the internets - the claws that bind, the jaws that snatch...

but I'm not bitter.

Anonymous said...

That's a man, Baby!