Thursday, November 03, 2005

My grandmother's b-day.

A very fine lady, who has just turned 88 today. That's reasonably old. Just wanted to point this out.

My favorite quote from our conversation tonight: (and she was having second thoughts about saying it even as it was coming out of her mouth;)
"Sean, I have always felt that, of all of our many grandchildren, you have clearly most improved from when you were younger."

WooHoo! I'm just sorry that I am not still getting report cards - that would fit in perfectly. (altho it *is* year-end review time here at my company....)

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tfufu said...

Your grandma's a wise woman. If you had a report card for your year-end review, you'd pass on " no longer sucks thumb" and "needs improvement" on "not throwing objects at people in their cubes".