Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sean's Big Date - Take 1

OK - I have 4.5 hours until my date tonight. (yes, with the internet girl from the beginning of November) Any suggestions on what to do, and what *not* to do? (For whatever reason, I choose IKEA as a first date (what...they have swedish meatballs and cinnamon rolls...)

Anybody's advice is appreciated - OnlyAymie already chimed in with some, saying "avoid butt pinching, unless asked. it can be a bit offputting early in a relationship"

And I *appreciated* that advice. I still might not listen to it, but definitely appreciate it.

I'll catch you up on the flip side.


P-Dogg said...

Hmm....just some advice - in case you need it..or as if I know what I'm talking about...

what TO do: Be yourself
what NOT TO do: Be someone else.

Have fun, Sh-uwon! Oh and avoid Hip-Hop speak, or regaling her with tales of Negaswap's conquests in the War of the Squids. ;)

BaxterWatch said...

since you met her on the internets, I am going to assume that the D&D, Babby-lon 5, Star Trek, insert geeky trend of your choice here, etc... side has been fully revealed. That's good.

If not, try to limit yourself to only 3 references.

Music. That's always good. And don't go anywhere for a meal where you can "super size it."

best of luck, seanie.