Friday, June 17, 2005

Quick little vignette:

This past weekend, went out to eat at a local restaurant. Now, Chinese food is my 'comfort food,' and buffets even more so. So when I found a Chinese Buffet called King Jade Palace China Garden Golden Buddha Dragon within 2 miles of my house, I was happy. So I went on Saturday night.

Ah, the pleasant sights, smells, and sounds of a traditional Chinese restaurant. The giant lighted picture of a harbour with little boats beside skyscrapers and a verdant mountain. Various seafoods, from shrimg to snow crab legs to stir-fried blue crabs (yum!) The sounds of a mariachi band coming from the back room.

(Mariachi Band?) {Yes. Apparently they rent out their back room, and there was a mexican wedding reception.} (Huh.) {Yup.}

In reality, that sounds like a good idea. I will keep it in my list of potential ideas for any potential receptions I have, along with the Truck Stop Reception. (TM) (And for any future Mrs Sean reading this, I'm not necessarly (sp?) kidding. With either one. Sorry)

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