Saturday, June 25, 2005

A great time was had last night at Chastain by Everbabe, A, Ogre, and I. (Thanks to A for the planning!) Prarie Home Companion was being recording for broadcast tonight. I'm listening to it now, but am disappointed at the removal of some of my favorite parts (the parts behind the scene.) During the Catchup commercial, they had to vamp a little as they started the scene without scripts. That was funny. (they vamped pretty well.) Secondly, there was a local blueswoman who grew on me. Precious Bryant: "The Truth" | AccessAtlanta She's a little older than my Mom, and still wrote a song about Jessica Alba. I can *definately* respect that.

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Jody says: In my thoughtful way, I got Mark to set up to tape the broadcast so that you could sing along with Precious about loving Dark Angel. We, too, were sad about the omission of that particular song. I had a good time, sorry about the babysitter snafu. (again!)