Sunday, June 12, 2005

Alrighty: Part two of my late transcript of 2 weeks ago in Charleston. This last was written as I waited to pick up my Mom from the Charleston airport. Brain -> Paper -> Pocket -> YOU, in only 2 short weeks... the power of the internets.

Graduation. Mine was 15 years ago, and I was never *this* cool. I am pretty sure that I spent a fair amount of my graduation weekend looking for a blonde crush of mine with a kitten in my shirt in a sportscar being driven by a sometimes suicidal friend of mine - but that is neither here nor there. (Although I do find myself wondering whatever became of that kitten.)

While sitting here in the airport, I'm reminded of the Ani DiFranco song "Arrival Gate." As I have my MP3 playa, I might just listen to it now. {pause} Found it. Wow, I had a lot of Ani to cycle through. (156/170 songs.) Stolen lyric: "I have determined it's a sure cure for cancer, watching excitement turn family dogs into dancers at the arrival gate." Mom's here - brb.

She apparently rode back into Chas from Philly with the entire Riverdogs baseball team, the AAA Yankees franchise. Cute buys? Yes. But then she said "10 years younger than my sons." Ouch. Thanks for the reminder, Mom.

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