Tuesday, January 11, 2005

On the 2 month anniversary of the most recent breakup in my life, i recieved an interesting email from a co-worker.
Hey Sean! M. and I need some pictures for a presentation we are doing, and wondered if you’d be willing to help us out. We’re looking for a good sport to help us illustrate a “don’t” of business attire, and I’m only asking because I know you’re a good sport, not because we think you fit this category ... What we need is a “model” wearing a rumbled, older pair of khakis and a dress coat. If the shoes were scuffed, that would also be a nice touch. Would you be willing to help us out? ...

Always a good sign when your coworkers immediately think of you as a {Business Dress: DON'T!}

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onlyaymie said...

At least you didn't stand up and say, "But.. that's what I am wearing today!" ...did you...?