Thursday, January 13, 2005

My uncle Mo lives in Nashville, and sent this description of halftime at a women's basketball game this past weekend. We'll call this episode: "The one with the battle of the team mascots."

...Then the annoucer blares over the sound system

"Its time for the Battle of the Mascots!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the Black team we have SnowBird from channel 4 and the Weather Hound from Channel 5."

Out from the side waddles Snowbird and the big dog onto the court.

"Joining them we have the First Tennessee Dollar working for you
and the Eat more Chicken Cow from Chick Filet"

Onto the court waddles the guy in a dollar bill and the 9 foot cow.

"Joining them we have Fang from the Predators"

Out runs Fang onto the court.

"On the gold team we have T-Rex from the Titans and the mascot from the

Out runs T-Rex and a Cougar.

They ended up getting the yellow pages and a couple more and then they started playing basketball.

Well it was obvious from the start that the black team couldn't run much less bend over to pick a basketball up and the gold team was having a field day.

Finally Fang breaks loose with the basketball and races down to the other end of the court. Only T-rex stands between him and the goal. Fang leaps high in the air and throws the ball as hard as he can...


The ball catches T-rex right between the eyes!!!!!!!!!!! He goes down like a ton of bricks!!

The games breaks into bedlam after that. Mascot heads are rolling over the court as the game evolves into a strange game of dodgeball and revenge.

I don't understand why this wasn't picked up by CNN. SuperMark: do you know?

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