Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Occasionally I'll feel as though I've had a bad day. (we all do, don't we?) It's good to be reminded that things could always be worse.

I headed off to lunch today, (an indian buffet... YUM!) As I drove through the parking lot, an indian guy, about mid 20's, gave me a wave from inside his car. "How nice," i thought to myself. So... I waved back to him. He waved to me again. "How... nice?" I waved back, a little less friendly.

He waved again. 'Who is this guy', I wondered. I waved, trying to make it clear through my steely glare that this back and forth could not continue. He then held up a set of jumper cables with a hopeful look. Ah... THAT'S the game. So: I jumped him off. Er. I jumped his *car* off. Yes, yes I did.

And then went inside, had lunch, and read this book. (Kage Baker writes a mean set of stories about the combo of immortality and time travel. More on that later.) Indian Buffet = Yummy.

I then left the restaurant, and walked to my car. "Wait," (I said to myself,) "who's that unfortunate fellow trying to unlock his car with a coat-hanger? Surely it couldn't be Mr Friendly-Pants?"

Unfortunately for him, it was. On the upside, his car seemed to be running just fine.
So I did what anyone in that situation would do: said "Good luck!" and drove back to training. {grin}

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