Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You ever have that feeling...

.. you know, that one where you just said something, and were literally trying to reel it back into your mouth as you were saying it, all the while thinking "omigodyouaren'treallysayingthatareyou?wtf!shutupshutupshutup" Like the time you realize that you shouldn't *really* have talked bad about one of your bosses' mother. Or, like, you accidentally reply-to-all for a global email, and everyone then knows how you really feel about whatever the subject matter was.

Or, like, you are filling out an automatic report online, and get an confirmation email that includes the name of the legal counsel for your company, and, in sending a worried email to your co-worker about how uncomfortable you are making yourself known to the upper level management of your company, you accidentally CC: the wrong person.

You CC: the CEO. Of your 1,300 person company.

The text of your (or, let's be honest here, *my*) message? "Well, at least the CEO wasn't included." Oh, bitter, bitter irony....

In other news: happy 300th post, Sean.

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