Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kids Say The Darndest Things, Episode I

So, over at EverBabe's house tonight. SeanJr is being TERRIBLY cute, with his premiere two-year-old vocabulary. I suggest you check out his blog, to read his Mom's story of his word recognition (good for 27 months, really)

But towards the end of the evening, as he was giving his good night kisses (Daddy was in the other room):

1-> He kissed mommy (on the cheek)
2-> He kissed me on the cheek
3-> He looked away, and sloooowly said "hyoooomoooooooooe"

We're both pretty sure it was just an accidential confluence of consonants and vowels, but seriously; sometimes it's harder than it should be not to laugh when you are around toddler homophobia.

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SuperMark said...

Ah, Blogger finally fixed their word verification doohickey.

So ... when you told me this story in person, I thought you said "Elmo", and it didn't make any sense. (Hey, I'd just woke up!) I mean, how did "Elmo" relate to the kissing? Why was it that funny? But "homo" ... that makes much more sense.