Monday, March 27, 2006

Let's hear it for The Dilbert Blog

*Three* Scott Adams (Dilbert author) blog entries, each for different people. The first is for A. (more specifically, A.'s Dad, a big tennis fan.) It's an interesting (to me) story about a tennis player. Link to tennis story

Second entry - Yesterday, he asked people to submit questions about his opinions on a range of stuff. I wrote a question, and this morning he answered it. My question:
Q. What about using public funds in the rebuilding of New Orleans, specifically the areas we *know* will flood again.
A. I think the country should help disaster victims. The specific method should be an economic question where you apply a concept called “expected value.” Compare the cost of rebuilding and (especially) fortifying the levees to the cost of relocating people. Real estate in the flood zone is relatively cheap. If you can get the risk of levee failure down to say 1%, rebuilding is the best solution. I’ll spare you the math, but rebuilding in a flood zone could, under some assumptions, be the best course.
Hmmm... not exactly what I thought he'd say - but still a thoughtful answer that I can agree with. The sad thing is that no one WILL perform the "expected value" calculation in this case. (attached is a Slate article that looks at the economic aspect as well.)
Last Dilbert blog entry - Amusing look at the poor choices made by the brother of a professional athlete:
Did you hear about the guy who decided to watch his brother play in the Super Bowl instead of reporting to prison as scheduled? His sentence was increased from 6 months to 5 years for reporting late.
That’s not the funny part. The funny part is that he says it was worth it to see his brother play in the Super Bowl. Plus he got to party with Snoop Dog. I’ve heard good things about Snoop’s parties. That alone was probably worth a few months of sodomy.

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