Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Okay - this is a reminder to Sean o'the Future (FUTURE, Future, future......)

You, sir, are a great person. You have a lot going for you; good job, taller, third Porshe. (hey, it's the future.) But no matter how old and successful you get, you are *not* stronger than poison ivy.

The sad thing is: Ogre told me - wear a long sleeved shirt. And I very carefully ignored him. So now I am Itchy McScratcherson.

"Poison Ivy - It's No Just For Breakfast Anymore!"

1 comment:

BaxterWatch said...

benadryll. its a good thing. lots of it. but not so much that they think you're making crystal meth with it. fine line.

and sleep with socks on your hands so you don't scratch your skin off.

good luck!