Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm revisiting SWMM once more. I haven't stayed late to work on a modeling project for many a year now (since I started at BC, to tell the truth.)

SWMM runs much faster now, though. It used to take 10-15 minutes for each run. (much more time for cursing at the model instabilities)

Ani DiFranco. Birmingham. It makes me a little teary every time I hear it. And I am not ashamed to say it. The song ties together the assassination of a abortion doctor, elections in Buffalo, and a remembered trip to the abortion clinic. Powerful imagery. the most moving lyric for me?

"a bullet came to visit a doctor
in his one safe place

a bullet ensuring the right to life
whizzed past his kid and his wife
and knocked his glasses right off of his face"


In other news, my MOM(!?!??!) has created a blog. (in her defense, i suggested it. in MY defense - it was to prevent her from buying a domain name. She wouldn't know what to do with one, and heck - blogs are free, and domain name = my inheritance!) Sparse right now, but might end up freakin' me out as I read about Mom's romantic exploits. Visit at your own peril: Blogger: User Profile: mizanne

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