Thursday, May 19, 2005

OK, Im a geek. (you knew that already; hell, i have a blog.) Like many (who are geeks,) I succumbed to the power of the Dark Side and went to the 12:01 showing of Star Wars, Episode III. Ok, like SOME who are geeks. The theatre nearby had 6 theatres showing itand I went with some of my D&D friends.

There were many various people there: the sterotypical fat male geek, families who were there with their (teenage) children, high school kids, normal looking people like me. {grin} Although I had the best Hawaiian shirt.
And then there were the dresser-ups. Many had lightsabers, or Padawan outfits; there was one buff fellow in a skin tight Lycra Star Fleet shirt (Riker era). That was confusing. There was a Batman, a teen in a FULL Spiderman outfit (80's Electric Company Spiderman, not Venom.) Most confusingly, there was a guy with a skull mask and cowboy hat. I mean, WTF? It was too hot for me to wear my cape, but I wouild have fit in tremendously.

Why such varied costumes? My only theory is that this was the chance for all the world to revel in it's non-conformity, which to some people means role-play. So it was an enjoyable experience.

HOWEVER - and this is VITALLY important for any of you planning on seeeing the movie. (NO SPOILERS)
Lower Lower Lower Lower Lower Lower Lower - your expectations.
Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember - Episodes I & II.

Only *then* will you fully enjoy this film.

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